Gouda cheese

Gouda is a yellowish Dutch cheese named after the city of Gouda. Made from pasteurized cow's milk Without any spices added, this cheese has a mild, creamy taste. What is great about Gouda is that unlike most pressed cheeses, it only has to age for 25 days, during this time an outer rind develops. If you age the cheese for up to 6 months it will develop a stronger flavor and harder texture.

Fat content in dry matter min
Minimum maturity
6 weeks - 15kg and 7kg loaf
3 weeks - 3,5kg; 3kg; 2,2kg loaf
Weight and size (mm) available (approx.) :
125 x 125 x 100
90 x 250 x 100
100 x 300 x 100
125 x 250 x 100
250 x 250 x 100
500 x 300 x 100
Shelf life
6 months